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Collaborative Educational Consulting


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

- Nelson Mandela


Collaborative Educational Consultants (CEC) coach, support, and develop new elementary and middle school leaders in underserved communities with the institutional and practical knowledge they need to lead schools that are rooted in a clear vision for equity and excellence.

Meet Alexandra Benjamin

I started Collaborative Educational Consulting to prepare leaders to lead excellent schools that provide students with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets needed to seize opportunities that allow them to realize their best selves.

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Our Services
Collaboration is Key

Any of the services offered may be bundled to meet the unique needs of your school.


School Leader Coaching

School leaders often find themselves trying to figure out where to start when they begin each school year. The internal conflict of wanting to make changes on day 1 vs the impact it will have on your broader vision is something that keeps many school leaders up at night.

There are many aspects of school leadership that come with experience and impactful lessons. Ultimately, the goal is to lead a school that is rooted in high expectations and equity for all.

Investing in ongoing leadership coaching and guidance is a major contributor to successful school leadership. 


School Culture Analysis

Are you facing daunting school culture issues that are making it difficult to execute your daily priorities?

From student culture challenges to staff burn out and unmet social emotional needs, school leaders find them selves facing major school culture issues that make the daily work of leading a school more challenging than ever before.

School leaders must use creative solutions to ensure that the needs of their staff and students are met while ensuring that their approach is responsive to the needs of their school community.

Ultimately, it is critical to get a clear understanding of the state of your school in order to ensure that the key levers you pull are the right ones.


Aspiring Leader Development

Leaders grow leaders.

Are you a teacher who is thinking about how you can be more impactful in your community? Are you looking to learn more about the essential steps you should take before embarking on school leadership? 

Identifying and developing new school leaders who are passionate about serving  schools with a culture of equity and excellence is crucial to our students' futures.


Collaborative Educational Consulting

Where Leaders Collaborate

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