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Meet Alexandra Benjamin

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I am the founder of 

Collaborative Educational Consulting

I have worked with children from all walks of life since I was a teenager trying to earn pocket money to hang out with friends, buy lip gloss, and whatever items were trending at the time. Whether it was babysitting, working as a camp counselor, or a greeter at my pediatricians office, I always felt most connected to children. Children always felt like my calling.

When I was in the first grade, I decided I would be a teacher. I was fascinated by my teachers and made it my mission to make sure that each and every one of them saw me as an important member of the class community. I was especially attached to the educators of color that I was fortunate to have as teachers. They were models of what I could do when it was my turn. I often thought about the joy I could bring to learning, the relatability, and the stories I would share to connect to my students. In those classes, I always volunteered to read aloud, do class jobs, or help fellow class mates.  Looking back, I understand that I was able to show up in those classrooms the way I did because I was given certain habits and mindsets by the educators and adults in my life. 


Today, I am an educator with over 20 years of professional experience in underserved schools.  My life’s work has been in service of black and brown urban communities.  I have proudly served schools in Baltimore City, Manhattan, and most recently the South Bronx. I have worked as a classroom teacher, a principal, and a leadership coach. During my years of service, I have developed a passion for ensuring that all students feel seen and heard. As a classroom teacher, I was committed to cultivating a learning environment based on high expectations for learning and socializing. It was essential for my students to learn habits that would lead to success in and out of the classroom.


I am a firm believer that all students have a right to attend excellent schools. It is crucial for black and brown students to attend schools led by leaders who truly understand the urgent need for them to be educated in an environment rooted in equity and high expectations for teaching and learning. The belief  that all students have a right to an education that prepares them to seize all opportunities that help them meet their highest potential has propelled my work in all facets. 

I started Collaborative Educational Consulting to prepare leaders to lead excellent schools where students are provided with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets needed to realize their best selves.

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